tikzDevice v0.12.3

Yesterday tikzDevice version 0.12.3 made it unto CRAN and is now propagating to the mirrors.

The tikzDevice package provides a graphics output device for R that records plots in a LaTeX-friendly format. The device transforms plotting commands issued by R functions into LaTeX code blocks. When included in a paper typeset by LaTeX, these blocks are interpreted with the help of TikZ—a graphics package for TeX and friends written by Till Tantau.

This version contains a series of minor updates. My former colleague Nico Bellack contributed two fixes:

  • tikzDevice correctly translates the lmitre = n parameter of the plot() function now (#178)
  • tikz() now accepts both file and filename as named arguments to fix ggsave issue that occurred with ggplot2 v3.0.0 (#181)

Hugo Gruson added syntax highlighting to the README (#194), and Duncan Murdoch spotted and corrected missing double escapes in the help page (#193). I updated the maintainer address and switched to using a temporary working directory due to problems with longer user names on Windows (#192).

Thanks a lot to all contributors!

Ralf Stubner
Software Engineer, Consultant, Physicist

Software Engineer, Consultant, Physicist