dqrng v0.2.1

I have blogged about dqrng before, but I forgot to write about the v0.2.0 release, even though that brought a lot of changes including the fast sampling methods to CRAN:

  • Add R side support for selecting multiple streams for parallel usage.
  • Implement long_jump() for Xo(ro)shiro as alternative to jump() providing fewer streams with longer period.
  • Handle R’s RNG scope properly during initialisation.
  • New functions dqsample and dqsample.int using an unbiased sampling algorithm.
  • Use R_unif_index() instead of unif_rand() to retrieve random data from R’s RNG in generateSeedVectors().
  • Scalar RNGs in the C++ API: dqrng::runif, dqrng::rnorm and dqrng::rexp

The list of changes for v0.2.1, which made it onto CRAN today, is much shorter:

  • Make template specialisations inline and include required standard headers (Aaron Lun in #29 fixing #28)
  • Add workaraound for new C++ compiler with old libc (#30 fixing #27)
  • Update maintainer’s email address
Ralf Stubner
Software Engineer, Consultant, Physicist

Software Engineer, Consultant, Physicist